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Burne-Jones Stained Glass at Oxford 3,  The Vyner Memorial Window 1872

'The Last Supper' - 1872

Oxford Windows for Morris
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A detail from Burne-Jones's 1872  Vyner Memorial Window in Oxford Cathedral. It appears below the figure of Saint John. Like Leonardo da Vinci Burne-Jones shows the moment when Jesus says, 'One of you will betray me' and all the apostles ask, 'Lord, is it I?' Burne-Jones designed three more windows for Morris in Oxford Cathedral: The Three Graces, St. Cecilia and St. Catherine windows.

Picture from Ann S. Dean`s book ' Burne-Jones and William Morris'. This describes Burne-Jones's windows and tapestries, in and near Oxford, with the phone numbers for many churches with his windows, click on 'books' for more details.

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Burne Jones and Morris windows in Brighton



Burne-Jones's Vyner Memorial Window has four figures with haloes of flashed ruby glass. Their white robes have yellow leaf patterns. The Last Supper is one of the four small panels at the bottom of the window. 

'Silver stain' was painted on the back of the glass to produce the yellow patterns. It was also used for the hair.