Victorian Art & Design
William Morris and Burne-Jones in Brighton

The first architect to give work to Morris's new firm was G F Bodley.  The first three churches where they did work for him were at Selsley.  (This is described in Ann S. Dean's Burne-Jones and William Morris), at Brighton and at Scarborough.

In  Brighton in 1862, the firm designed ten windows for Bodley's new church of Saint Michael and All Angels,  usually open to art lovers on Saturdays from 10-4, excluding service 11.45am  in the Winter. (May to October, Wed 3.30-5.30pm, Thursday 12.30-2.30pm, Friday3.30-5.30pm, Saturday 9.30-11.30pm.) At the west end are four huge archangels: Raphael and Gabriel by Morris and Michael and Uriel by Madox Brown. Above them is an Annunciation based on Morris's Annunciation at Selsley and St. Michael Fighting the Dragon by Peter Paul Marshall. He was a sanitary engineer who only designed about a dozen windows for the firm. Above these is a rose window by Burne-Jones. This has a Madonna and Child surrounded by angels striking bells.

Burne-Jones also designed The Baptism of Christ by the font and The Flight into Egypt. This has angels with red lanterns leading the Holy Family to Egypt to escape the massacre ordered by Herod. Next to it is the double window by Morris, shown below. It shows the angel and the three Maries at the empty tomb.

William Morris stained glass