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Click here to order from Amazon UK A Profound Secret: May Gaskell, her daughter Amy, and Edward Burne-Jones† by Josceline Dimbleby
384 pages, Hardback, 2004 Price UK approx; £14.  Save 30%  .
A well-illustrated account.  0552999814
Click here to order from Amazon UK Burne-Jones by Christopher Wood.
160 pages, Paperback, 1999 Price UK only; £10.49.  Save 30%  .
A well-illustrated account. See below for US publication
Click here to order from Amazon US Burne-Jones: The Life and Works of Sir Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) by Christopher Wood, Peter Nahum, Edward Coley Burne-Jones
160 pages, Paperback, 1998 Price approx $30 US Only US Order .
A well-illustrated account.  See above for UK publication
Click here to order from Amazon US  Edward Burne-Jones by Ann S. Dean.
32 pages, Paperback, Pitkin Guide, 1998.  Price UK; £5.00. US Order 
Illustrates stained glass, tapestries and tiles as well as paintings. 
Click here to order from Amazon UK  Burne-Jones and William Morris in Oxford and the Surrounding Area by Ann S. Dean.
80 pages, 47 illustrations,16 in colour.  Paperback,  Revised Edition. 1997.  Price UK; £9.99. US Order  limited availability.
A unique feature of this book is a list of over 30 churches with Burne-Jones windows in the Cotswolds and five in London with the phone numbers needed to visit them. The book also describes tapestries, tiles, drawings and the Briar Rose paintings.1873089341
Click here to order from Amazon UK  Burne-Jones Drawings by Ann S. Dean.
16 pages, Paperback, 1993  Price UK £3.50. US Order
Illustrates and describes different types of drawings including early ones in pen and ink, the Legend of St. George etc.1873089295
Click here to order from Amazon UK Edward Burne-Jones by Penelope Fitzgerald.  320 pages. Paperback. 1997.  £14.99. 4-6 weeks US Order
An excellent and readable biography of Burne-Jones. 0750915625
Click here to order from Amazon UK Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones: 1833-1867 Vol 1. by Georgiana Burne-Jones. 
Hard Cover, 1993,  unavailable new. Price approx $40 US only US Order
The  fascinating first volume of Burne-Jones's life, written by his wife.  It includes his lonely childhood in Birmingham and his  student days with Morris at Oxford. 
Click here to order from Amazon UK Edward Burne-Jones, Victorian Artist-Dreamer by  Stephen Wildman et al.
372  pages.  366 illustrations, 152 colour plates, Hard Cover, 1998. Met Museum, NY. Price UK; £41.31  (usually 1-2 weeks.) US Order
The catalogue of the magnificent exhibition in New York, Birmingham and Paris.  The 176 exhibits, all illustrated, include the Cupid and Psyche paintings for George Howard's house.

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