Victorian Art & Design Whistler Quiz

  1. What was the name of Whistler's first major painting, which was rejected by the Salon in 1859?
  2. What new name did Frederick Leyland suggest for Whistler's 'Moonlights'?
  3. Whistler painted two very famous seated portraits in 1871-72, Who were the sitters?
  4. Who bought Whistler's painting, La Princesse du Pays de la Porcelaine for his Dining Room?
  5. What colour did Whistler paint the walls of this Dining Room and what birds did he paint on the walls?
  6. What was the name of the fashionable new Art Gallery where Whistler exhibited his paintings in 1877?
  7. Whom did Whistler sue for libel?
  8. Which artist praised the 'atmospheric effects' of Whistler's Falling Rocket at the libel trial?
  9. How much did the libel jury award Whistler in damages?
  10. Which society paid for Whistler to visit Venice?

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