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Victorian Art can be seen in churches as well as in art galleries. This is a detail from a Victorian stained glass window in Oxford Cathedral. Burne-Jones designed it for his friend William Morris.  It is reproduced from the cover of Ann S.  Dean's book Burne-Jones and William Morris.  Burne-Jones was a great painter but he also designed many windows. Ann S. Dean's book gives the phone numbers needed to see some of his finest windows in Oxford and the Cotswolds.

Another stained glass artist was C.E. Kempe.

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The British Galleries of the Victoria & Albert Museum. contain Gothic Revival furnishings by  Pugin and Burges, and items by Morris and Co., E.W. Godwin, and Mackintosh. 


The Pre-Raphaelites, or PRB, were founded in 1848, by  Millais, Holman Hunt and Rossetti.

Frith specialised in crowded scenes of daily life. 

Leighton was President of the Royal Academy 1878-96.

Aubrey Beardsley did striking drawings in pen and ink.

Whistler was an American who lived in London, famed for his etchings, his paintings, and his libel case against Ruskin.

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