Victorian Art & Design

Pre-Raphaelite Quiz

1.    Who were the three artists who founded the P.R.B.?

2.    What do these letters stand for?

3.    In what year did they first exhibit their paintings in this new style?

4.    Who said in 'Household Words' in 1850 that Millais' Christ was a blubbery, wry-necked boy and which painting was he referring to?

5.    Who wrote a letter, to which newspaper, defending the Pre-Raphaelites?

6.    Who painted Ophelia and who was his model for Ophelia?

7.    Which Pre-Raphaelite went to the Holy Land to paint?  Name two paintings    which he did as a result of this trip.

8.    Whom did Rossetti use as a model for Mary in his 1849 Annunciation?

9.    In whose memory did Rossetti paint Beata Beatrix?

10.  Which lady was the model for Rossetti's The Daydream?

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