Victorian Art & Design
The Pre-Raphaelites in 1850

Rossetti Annunciation

Rossetti's 'Annunciation', Tate Britain

In 1850 Rossetti exhibited an Annunciation at the National Institution. He gave it the Latin title Eccce Ancilla Domini (Behold the Hand Maid of the Lord).  His sister, Christina, was the model for the Virgin Mary.  The art critics objected to the unconventional treatment of the subject.  Rossetti decided not to exhibit again.  

Hunt and Millais exhibited again at the 1850 Royal Academy.  Hunt's painting, The Druids, is in the Ashmolean. It is full of symbolism with a landscape background painted in the Lea Marshes.  Millais exhibited Christ in the House of His Parents or The Carpenter's Shop. Charles Dickens made a violent attack on it in his magazine Household Words in May 1850