Victorian Art & Design
Burne-Jones Quiz

The answers to questions 1-5 will be found by reading 'Burne-Jones 1835-1898 Introduction',  the other questions by reading 'Paintings by Burne-Jones'.

1.    Where did Burne-Jones first meet Morris?

2.    What interest did they share?

3.    How did they find out about the Pre-Raphaelites?

4.    What Pre-Raphaelite painting did they greatly admire?

5.    What kind of drawings did Burne-Jones do in the 1850s?

6.    What type of paintings did Burne-Jones do in the 1860s?

7.    What do the letters O.W.C.S. stand for?

8.    Why did Burne-Jones resign from the O.W.C.S.?

9.    Why did Burne-Jones suddenly become famous in 1877?

10.    Name two of the paintings which he exhibited in 1877?

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